What Happens If a Golf Shaft Is Too Flexible

As a golfer, one of the valuable skills that you will develop over time is to determine whenever something is wrong with your game. There are normal gaming issues that every player will face in the golf course from time to time. However, you need to see through the randomness of whatever happens while playing so that you can detect patterns that necessitate change. Paying close attention to your ball distances and flights will come in handy in helping you detect any problems.

One of the issues that most golfers face is a shaft that is too flexible in the driver. Avoid playing with a loose driver shaft because you will not only experience poor results, with a wrong shaft, but you may also damage the swing over time. If you continue using an ill-fitting club, you will have to adjust your swing to accommodate the club instead of finding a club that is perfect for your swing. These seemingly minor changes in your technique can cause major problems with your driver swings. To avoid bad outcomes or poor performance, you need to find the best golfing clubs.

What Happens If a Golf Shaft Is Too Flexible

Signs of Iron Shafts That Are Too Flexible

  • Spraying golf balls everywhere. When you play with an iron shaft that is very flexible, your shots are likely to spray to other areas of the golf course that you do not want them to go to. For instance, you may continuously end up in the sand traps.
  • Hooking most of your shots. If you notice that you are getting very nasty hooks while on the course, then it may be a sign that your iron shafts have too much flex and this causes you to overpower the club.
  • Your shots will be inconsistent. When your iron shafts are too flexible, you will tend to hit the golf ball more on the right, left, or down on the middle than you intended to. As a result, you will end up losing confidence on the tee because you are not assured of the outcome of your shots.
  • Slices your shots-with an iron shaft that exhibits too much flexibility, your clubface may open at the impact, and your golf ball with either be pushed to the right or will be sliced.
  • Hit moon balls. With an extremely flexible shaft, you will launch all your golf balls much higher than you want and with a lot of spins. As a result, you will lose in terms of distance.
  • Flight of the golf ball will be affected. When you use an iron shaft that is extremely flexible, then it will impact the flight of the golf ball. The ball will continuously fly higher than intended because the additional amount of flex that is caused when you use a weak iron shaft.
  • Loose feeling during impact. Sometimes, you can notice that something is wrong with your shaft without even seeing the ball flight. As the drivers hit on the range, you should determine how the club feels and whether it feel out of control and loose or solid and stable. If your shaft is wobbly then you need a better one.

While it is crucial to ensure that your golf shaft is not extremely stiff, you should also confirm that the shaft is not too flexible. No pro or casual golfer wants to have issues in their game and end up slowing their swing down. You will end up adjusting your swig to accommodate your current golf clubs and this will result in reparable damage that new shafts cannot correct. Take the effort and time to find the right shaft for your golfing needs and your performance will definitely improve.

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