Our Team

Marion BoursierMissions Officer / Animator

Interested in flora, edible or not, I work with different audiences, from children to the agricultural world, to make them aware of the protection of our environment.

Sandra LabordeNatural heritage coordinator

Within the team since 2006, I carry out my main missions in the areas of heritage development and management of natural spaces.

Maxime LeuchtmannNatural Heritage Study Manager / Chiroptères Poitou-Charentes Group Coordinator

Arrived in 2008, I carry out naturalistic studies (birds, bats, spiders). I am also a trainer in the capture of bats, bander for the CRBPO and member of the CSRPN.

Thomas DupeyronCurator of Natural Areas

Manager of natural spaces, my missions include the implementation of conservation operations with the aim of preserving flora, fauna and heritage habitats.

Olivier RoquesNatural Heritage Study Officer

Arrived at the association in 2009, I carry out studies on Insects (more particularly butterflies and orthoptera), Reptiles and Amphibians.

Lucille GrizeauHead of animation

I work on a daily basis with all audiences and especially children, in order to make them understand, love and protect nature

Cecile GuénonLegal officer

A lawyer specializing in environmental law and particularly interested in the challenges of water management, I also lead training courses.

Anita Le BouëdecSecretary

Passionate about mountain, skiing and hiking, I joined the team in 2011 pursuing a constant associative commitment.

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